Rocket Punch On The Art Of Colors, Concepts and ‘Chiquita’

Known for their signature “newtro pop” sound and possessing a rich, concept-driven artistry – Woolim Entertainment’s six member girl group Rocket Punch are most definitely the next girl group you need to have on your radar. 

Rocket Punch first broke out onto the K-pop scene with the debut EP PINK PUNCH, which was released on August 7th, 2019, and “BIM BAM BUM” serving as its lead single. After three years in the industry, plus four mini albums, one singles album and one Japanese EP under their belt, the group has tasted success, garnering acclaim from netizens for their colorfully vibrant music videos, diverse and youthful concepts, a fresh soundscape blending genres – including moombahton, house, dance pop, bubblegum pop, retro, R&B, indie pop, electro pop, EDM, teen pop, ballad and more – and of course, the members’ lively, charming personalities. 

As the sextet gears up for the release of their first Japanese single “Fiore” slated for June 29th, 2021, the members sit down for an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone India to discuss the A-Z about building a conceptually charged artistry, behind-the-scenes stories from the “CHIQUITA” music video, unexplored career paths, and more.

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you all on the release of your fourth EP YELLOW PUNCH! Can you share your experience of working on this album?

Sohee: For me, I was really happy to hear that I improved a lot compared to our previous recording sessions. 

Dahyun: This time, too, we tried something new – an album filled with chicness – which is much different from our previous cute and bouncy album. That’s why it felt very different and we had fun. We also realized that we are able to pull off this kind of concept.

The fourth installment of Rocket Punch’s ‘Color Collection’ series, YELLOW PUNCH is inspired from the fact that yellow is the color that is closest to light. The main idea behind this album is the runway – a place where models get to showcase their innate confidence under sparkling lights. Can you tell us what went into finalizing this concept, or what factor[s] inspired it?

Suyun: Our fourth  mini album, YELLOW PUNCH has ‘models on a runway under colorful lights’ as its main theme. With this, our aspiration is to show our confident and chic side through stage performances. 

They say that yellow is the color that’s closest to light. We wanted to show ourselves shining like light through the ‘CHIQUITA’ stage, so we came up with YELLOW PUNCH.

Yunkyoung: YELLOW PUNCH’s theme is about walking confidently on a runway under flashy lights. When we think of yellow, a lot of people think of a bright and bouncy image, but it is actually the color that’s closest to light! Through this color, we’re going to show you our shining and new confident side on stage.

I’d like to ask all the members what each of their favorite songs on the YELLOW PUNCH album were, and why?

Yeonhee: I would like to recommend “Love More.” You can feel the spring season perfectly with its cute lyrics, as if you’re walking gently in a flowery path. 

Juri: It’s “CHIQUITA” because I’ve always wanted to try a strong concept.

Suyun: I really like our title track “CHIQUITA” and our sixth track “LOUDER.” Our title track is the center of our album, so there’s no way not to like it, and “LOUDER” is a song that I’ve liked since the recording process. I wanted Ketchy to hear both of them right away. 

Yunkyoung: My favorite song is “Love More.” I like all our songs, but this track lyrically has everything that I want to say to our fans. 

Sohee: “CHIQUITA” and “In My World.” The strong lyrics and exciting beats go so well together that it creates a good synergy.

Dahyun: My favorite song is “In My World.” It’s exciting and cute. I like it because I think the confident lyrics go well with Rocket Punch’s image.

Yeonhee. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Yeonhee, out of all the members, you’ve actually trained the longest, having been a part of Woollim Entertainment since 2016. You’ve worked extremely hard and waited 946 days to debut. So, rightfully, you’re termed as the ‘stage expert’ of the group. I want to ask, as the leader of Rocket Punch, how do you manage to stay resilient in the face of all hardships, and prove your mettle as the one who’s tasked with leading and coordinating the team in such a competitive industry? Please share some advice with your fans, for the same.

Yeonhee: I easily overcome my difficulties because I’m someone who doesn’t hold onto them for long. I love myself so much that after experiencing hardship, I find the strength to get back on my feet again. 

My message to Ketchy is, be the one who loves yourself the most – that should be enough. 

Whenever I’m having a hard time, I take a rest and then ask myself what’s causing it. The more I do this, the more I find out about myself and then I get better every time.

Yeonhee. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Your audition at Woollim Entertainment was to legendary idol BoA’s 2003 hit “Atlantis Princess” and you’ve even said in the past that you consider her as your role model. What facet of BoA as an artist inspires or moves you the most?

Yeonhee: I think everyone grew up watching her. As an artist, she has paved a lot of paths, and I respect her for that.

From the retro synth-pop intro “YELLOW PUNCH” and the EDM-influenced ’80s disco-pop track “Chiquita,” to the electropop-tinged, nostalgia-laced “In My World,” the R&B/pop-blend “Red Balloon,” the indie-pop-influenced “Love More” and the noisy and upbeat house track “Louder, ” the group brings us a versatile blend of sonic styles packaged in one standalone EP. What was the core idea or message that Rocket Punch were aiming for with this album? Are there any takeaways that fans should look out for?

Juri: “Chiquita” is a strong song with impressive lyrics like, “I’m going to enjoy the moment my way.” I hope our fans are encouraged when they see our strong stages, and that they think they can enjoy everything as long as they’re with Rocket Punch. 

Yeonhee: I hope that they focus on the message contained in the album. Just like us, I believe that a lot of people can gain confidence and positive energy from our songs.

Out of all the singles that Rocket Punch has done so far, which track does each member feel reflects their artistic identities the most?

Yeonhee: “BIM BAM BUM!” I am fond of it because it’s the song that unveils Rocket Punch’s beginning. 

Juri: There are two songs for me – “CHIQUITA” and “JUICY.” I love expressing myself through my eyes, so I expressed it on stage through my strong gaze and sparkling eyes. 

Suyun: I think it’s all the title tracks from our Color Punch albums because I think they are all colors I have inside of me.

Yunkyoung: I think it’s our debut song “BIM BAM BUM” because it shows our energy and group color very well!

Sohee: “BOUNCY” and “CHIQUITA.”

Dahyun: I think it’s the title track “BOUNCY” from our second album.. It’s very powerful and overflowing with self-confidence, and the youthfulness matches me very well.

You made your debut in 2019, and the very first thing that drew me in was your group name. I felt that it was super fun and quirky, and at the same time, blended in seamlessly with your concept as well. Could you elaborate a little on the meaning behind Rocket Punch?

Suyun: ‘Rocket Punch’ means taking a punch at and changing your boring routine through our colors. 

Tell me about your most memorable or happiest moment since your debut.

Yeonhee: Of course, it’s every moment with our fans. I’m really happy when we’re doing our performances, when we’re living as Rocket Punch. 

Juri: Our first fan meeting and our Japan debut showcase.

Suyun: I think it’s our debut showcase and first fan meeting for me. I can never forget the cheers from our fans.

Yunkyoung: The most memorable for me was our debut showcase.  I still remember the fans who came to cheer us on our first stage. 

Sohee: I was happy to meet our Ketchy [their fandom] during our first fan meeting. 

Dahyun: I think it’s our debut showcase where we first met our fans. I still feel excited and overwhelmed when I think about that moment.

Juri. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Juri, not only are you a really talented singer and dancer, you are also Rocket Punch’s only foreign member. I’d like to ask you that when you first came to Korea, how hard was it to adjust to living away from your family and surviving in the harsh trainee environment? Also, tell me what is it that you miss about Japan?

Juri: I video-call my family a lot. My parents have always been supportive with whatever I’ve wanted to do ever since I was little. I’ve always been courageous, and I think it’s thanks to my ever-positive mom. 

Something I miss the most would be my mom’s food. I think it’s the most delicious thing in the world.

Juri. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

You also were a part of the J-Pop group AKB48, before debuting under Rocket Punch. Are there any noticeable differences between the idol cultures of Japan and South Korea?

Juri: There’s something like a hierarchy, and referring to people as ‘eonnie’ and ‘dongsaeng’ here, right? In Japan, we just call everyone ‘ooo-chan.’ At first, the younger members have always spoken to me using the formal tone even though I was fine with using casual language. I used to think about it a lot because I thought I looked scary – and I thought that’s why they kept speaking to me like that [laughs].

Can you explain the concept behind the ‘Color Collection’ series? What’s the underlying significance behind the colors we’ve seen incorporated so far – pink, red, blue, and now, yellow?

Yeonhee: Pink represents the aspirations that Rocket Punch wants to show at the start. Red represents us wanting to color the world with Rocket Punch after pink. In the case of blue, we wanted to show our unique bright energy. Lastly, with yellow, it has a more special point because it shows not only the growth of the members, but also gives a clear message to everyone to live more strongly and confidently. 

Dahyun: PINK PUNCH is exciting and was our way to let people know of our beginning; RED PUNCH  is catchy and energetic; BLUE PUNCH is fresh and cute; and our latest, Yellow Punch, shows our intense charisma through a retro concept.

Since the drop of your debut EP PINK PUNCH, followed by RED PUNCH and BLUE PUNCH your first single album Ring Ring, your Japanese debut EP Bubble Up! and finally, Yellow Punch – how would you say your music has evolved artistically?

Juri: When we debuted, we brought our usual charm – bright, fresh and healthy. However, right now, we already have a lot of music that shows the different charms from when we debuted. We’re very happy because of that. 

Sohee: The members have already discovered their own musical styles and positions, so I think we were able to make great music.

Who are each of your role models in the industry and why?

Yeonhee: It’s Girls’ Generation without a doubt. I’ve grown thanks to them. 

Juri: I really respect (G)I-DLE sunbaenim [a Korean word for someone senior]. They look like they’re having fun on stage and the members all shine. 

Suyun: Mine’s BLACKPINK! I’ve been watching their performances, studying their music, and seeing them shine on stage. Should I say it has become my goal? They make me dream of being on stage more. 

Yunkyoung: It’s Girls’ Generation. I really find them cool, and I respect how they’re doing everything perfectly and successfully, be it their individual or group activities, or their music. 

Sohee: Mine is BLACKPINK’s Jennie sunbaenim and Ikon’s Bobby sunbaenim. I respect how well they can show on stage what they want to express or do. 

Dahyun: My role models are Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun sunbaenim and BLACKPINK’s Rose sunbaenim. They’re so cool and I respect them a lot because despite debuting at an extremely young age, they have been consistent with their perfect vocals, dance moves, and visuals. I think I can learn a lot from them.

Suyun. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Suyun, you had auditioned thrice before successfully making it into Woollim Entertainment. You didn’t give up, and held on until you made it in and achieved your dreams. Not only am I thoroughly impressed, but I also laud you for your fighting spirit, and I’m sure fans do as well. What kept you going, persisting through the failures?

Suyun: I think it’s because of my great determination to become a singer and stand on stage. As I experienced failures, my fears slowly disappeared and the greed to keep growing got stronger.

Suyun. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Judging from your varied interests, you seem to be a very artistic person: taking pictures, watching movies, playing the drums and learning ballet. Does this resolute love for art reflect onto your creative canvas while making music or performing on stage?

Suyun: I’m both proud and bashful at the same time, but there’s no one right answer when it comes to art! Honestly, I listen to music whenever I’m doing my hobbies, so it’s more like music reflects my art. The colors [vibes] depend on the type of music I listen to!

What are the aspects you tend to look out for the most when preparing for a comeback? Is it recording the songs, the costume fittings, learning the choreography, shooting the music video, performing on the comeback stage – or something else?

Yeonhee: Getting better after contemplating and practicing a lot when learning the choreography and the performances. And then hearing the fans’ reactions after the release [laughs]. 

Juri: After listening to the finalized title track, we try to imagine the reaction of our fans and we get super excited. That’s the most fun and happiest moment. 

Suyun: The choreography is really good, so it was fun even when we were learning it.

Yunkyoung: It’s the most fun when we’re practicing with the members. There are a lot of fun moments while we’re trying to sync with each other, and when we’re thinking about what we are going to show to our fans. 

Sohee: I always look forward to the hairstyles of the members during each comeback. 

Dahyun: We always talk a lot while we’re preparing for our comebacks, but for me, I’m at my happiest whenever we talk about fun things while eating together.

Conversely, what would you all say is the most challenging part about preparing for a comeback?

Yeonhee: I think it’s having to worry about how to pull off a new concept, even though right now, I think we’re doing great.

Juri: Maintaining our fancy nail art!

Suyun: I think it’s the same every time, but it’s worrying thinking about whether people will like it. It’s something unavoidable because each time is a new challenge, but together with the members, we’re able to overcome our worries by thinking we should prepare hard and show everyone how good we can be with our music. 

Yunkyoung: On stage, I’ve normally shown the side of me that always smiles brightly. But for this comeback, we have to show more of our chic and charismatic side, so I’ve really thought and practiced hard on how to express that. But then Yeonhee eonnie [Korean for older sister] told me to just be my usual self and then add some chicness to it. So, for my part where the lyrics go, “Just laugh it off,” I just express myself freely. 

Sohee: Practicing the choreography is always hard, but given how much we prepare, I’m happy to show our perfect performance. 

Dahyun: We had a long break until this comeback, so I think we were a bit burdened because we wanted to show our fans how prepared we were. To overcome it, we really worked harder.

Let’s dig a little deeper into concepts. From the youthful and vibrant “BIM BAM BUM” from PINK PUNCH, to the more badass and delightfully chaotic “BOUNCY” from RED PUNCH and the fresh and summery “JUICY” from BLUE PUNCH – can you tell us what’s new on “CHIQUITA” from YELLOW PUNCH How would you say it compares to all of your past [titular track] releases in the ‘Color Collection’ series?

Sohee: It’s different from our previous songs in a way that you can really see our strong and overflowing self-confidence through this song. I think you’ll be able to feel our charisma the most on stage.

Dahyun: The charming point of “CHIQUITA” is its addictive melody, and lyrics that show incredible self-confidence. If we were to compare it with the other songs in ‘Color Collection,’ its chicness stands out. So, I think it was a new challenge for us.

What kind of concepts do you all wish to try out next, for your upcoming comebacks?

Yeonhee: I’d like to try a refreshing and energetic concept. Something that’s cuter than our song “JUICY” and refreshing like a sparkling soda. 

Juri: A concept that’s strong but is still cute and energetic. 

Suyun: For me, I’d like to try something refreshing, lively, and trendy.

Yunkyoung: For me, I’d like to try a refreshing concept with the members. I think we can really show our energy to our heart’s content. 

Sohee: A concept that’s energetic and refreshing at the same time. 

Dahyun: Personally, I like a high-teen concept, but I’d definitely like to try a refreshing concept.

Yunkyoung. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Yunkyoung, firstly, I’d like to mention that you’re a phenomenal dancer and it’s always a pleasure to watch you perform on stage. You have previously mentioned that you’ve been learning dance ever since you were six years old. I’d like to know what first got you into dancing?

Yunkyoung: At first, I went to a dance academy because I followed my friend. I had fun learning dance with my friend and started auditioning at the recommendation of my academy teacher.

My friends and I had this performance at the academy and the audience told me that I looked so happy on stage, and they’d love to continue seeing me like that. From that moment on, I thought to myself that I want to give happiness to more people, hence I continued to dance through the years.

Yunkyoung. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

You’ve also mentioned that your favorite song of all time is “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara, and I’d have to agree that it’s a truly beautiful piece of music. Can you tell us how this particular song resonates with you as an individual?

Yunkyoung: I heard the song for the first time while I was taking vocal lessons. While practicing, I looked up the meaning of the lyrics, and it just kept replaying in my head. That’s why it became my favorite song, and I still listen and sing to it even now.

Sonically, your discography is quite diverse. There’s dance pop, bubblegum pop, “newtro pop” [as coined by the members] and more. Rocket Punch’s discography has amassed considerable acclaim for never playing it safe and always switching things up with a combination of various concepts, sounds and styles. This, however, also creates the issue of retaining a stronger fan base of listeners who prefer adhering to certain specific genres of music. What’s more important to Rocket Punch as musical artists – experimentation or audience retention?

Yeonhee: I don’t think the two are different. Whether it’s maintaining our fanbase or listeners, there will be something to like about Rocket Punch. As long as we don’t lose our color and energy, and we keep growing, I think everyone will like it. Music isn’t just about communicating in a genre or style. 

Suyun: Like the ‘Color Collection’ series we released to show our various colors, we’ve also tried different genres to show our musicality. We’ve also challenged ourselves musically to show Rocket Punch’s strength, which is an energy that no one can imitate. Thanks to that we were able to meet new fans as well as those who have liked us even from before.

If the members had to recommend any one Rocket Punch track to a new listener, what would be their picks?

Yeonhee: I’d recommend “Lilac.”

Juri: Our title track, “CHIQUITA.” 

Suyun: I’d recommend our debut song “BIM BAM BUM” and “CHIQUITA” from this comeback.

Yunkyoung: Our debut song, “Bim Bam Bum.” We have a lot of great songs from our debut until now, even  “CHIQUITA,” so please give them a listen.

Sohee: The energetic “BOUNCY.”

Dahyun: I want to recommend our title track “BOUNCY” from our second album. It’s an exciting song that shows how energetic we are, so I think people will like it even if they listen to it just once.

Can you elaborate on the coinage of the term “newtro pop?” What can we expect the genre to essentially sound like? And would you be able to enunciate with an example from your own discography?

Yunkyoung: It’s “Ring Ring” from our first single album and “CHIQUITA” from this album. “Ring Ring” shows our bright energies in newtro, while you can see our self-confidence in “CHIQUITA.” Additionally, our sidetrack “In My World” has a newtro feel to it too!

Dahyun: Newtro pop is a genre that includes synth sounds from the Eighties. I think it’s interesting that our members who didn’t live in that era, get to express retro with new colors. For me, the songs that represent newtro are “Ring Ring” and “CHIQUITA.”

Sohee. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Sohee, there’s pretty much nothing you don’t do – be it singing, rapping, dancing, kendo or voice imitation. Being a triple threat with skills in vocals, rap and dance, what would you say is your favorite role to take on in the group and why? 

Sohee: I have this obsession with dancing, so I’m someone who always puts in a lot of time into preparing our dances. Whenever I get praises about my dancing, I feel really happy, and I get a bit generous with myself. When someone sees our choreography and wants to know the finer details, I always try to make it big and clear so that they can understand it through me.

Sohee. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

In the past, you’ve also mentioned that you enjoy listening to music whenever you get free time, and in specific, admire TWICE and IZ*ONE’s body of work. Please tell us what music you’ve been listening to recently. Also, is there any artist [domestic or international] who you really admire and would like to work with?

Sohee: Lately, I’ve been enjoying listening to hip-hop!

I like the songs of YG artists, so if the opportunity arises, I’d like to meet Jennie sunbaenim.

Who are each of your role models in the industry and why?

Yeonhee: It’s Girls’ Generation without a doubt. I’ve grown thanks to them. 

Juri: I really respect (G)I-DLE sunbaenim [a Korean word for someone senior]. They look like they’re having fun on stage and the members all shine. 

Suyun: Mine’s BLACKPINK! I’ve been watching their performances, studying their music, and seeing them shine on stage. Should I say it has become my goal? They make me dream of being on stage more. 

Yunkyoung: It’s Girls’ Generation. I really find them cool, and I respect how they’re doing everything perfectly and successfully, be it their individual or group activities, or their music. 

Sohee: Mine is BLACKPINK’s Jennie sunbaenim and Ikon’s Bobby sunbaenim. I respect how well they can show on stage what they want to express or do. 

Dahyun: My role models are Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun sunbaenim and BLACKPINK’s Rose sunbaenim. They’re so cool and I respect them a lot because despite debuting at an extremely young age, they have been consistent with their perfect vocals, dance moves, and visuals. I think I can learn a lot from them.

With regards to online fan forums pertaining to Rocket Punch, the current highlight of discussions seems to be the dreamy, anime-like instrumental outro we get to hear at the end of “Chiquita.” The track has even received praise for debuting a new and unique sound element in the closing verse. How did the team manage to come up with such an interesting sonic format and what were your reactions when you first heard the completed soundtrack?

Juri: When I first heard the finalized song, I was super excited and looked forward to our promotions. I wanted Ketchy to hear the song right away. [laughs] 

Yeonhee: I thought that Rocket Punch’s voices could also do this kind of music and that we could do more in the future. I was very happy to think that even if it was the same genre, it could contain different feelings, voices, and messages, and that kind of spectrum has broadened!

What were your favorite scene[s] to shoot, in your latest music video for “CHIQUITA”?

Yeonhee: I like the part with the outer-space graphics added to it. The members looked pretty while singing their parts, so I like it for that simple reason [laughs].

Juri: When we filmed the scene where I had to break the mirror and then run away, the mirror part was actually added in through computer graphics, so I had to use my imagination. I really had fun doing it, so I like that part. 

Suyun: I really like the dancing scenes in the MV. There was a part at the end where the birds were coming out while we were dancing. I had goosebumps when I watched that scene for the first time. 

Yunkyoung: The part where Sohee and I filmed in a small room. There was the challenge of a new camera and a small room, but it was fun because it was something new!

Sohee: I like the part where I turn my wrist during the group dance scene and dance break.

Dahyun: I like the scene where I fell into the frame and then stood with my head up [laughs].

Can the members share some memorable behind-the-scenes moments while shooting the “CHIQUITA” music video?

Suyun: We pulled jokes at each other during the filming of the group dance scene, to the point that our throats hurt a lot because we kept laughing. We felt better the day after, though!

Dahyun: This MV has a lot of computer graphics in it, so we also filmed in front of a green screen a lot. It was hard to imagine how it would turn out to be, but it was also fun.

Dahyun. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Dahyun, being the maknae [youngest person] of the group and starting your career at just the age of 14, you were also the first member to be revealed in Rocket Punch’s debut line-up. At the time, did this put any added pressure on you, and if yes, how have you managed to accustom yourself to the idol life over time?

Dahyun: I debuted at such a young age, so I thought I had a lot of shortcomings, but with continuous efforts, I gained self-confidence seeing myself grow and improve. I think more than being burdened when I debuted, I enjoyed getting a lot of attention [laughs].

Dahyun. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

While coming across your profile, one of the most interesting facets that I discovered about you was how versatile your music taste actually is. Your musical interests range from artists like 2NE1 and CNBLUE, all the way to Heize. Hence, would you like to recommend any artists to your fans?

Dahyun: I’m the type to listen to different styles of music, but my playlist would always include the songs of my role model BlackPink. I also like the high-teen concept, so I’d like to recommend Jeon Somi sunbaenim’s songs.

I’d like to know that if you were not currently a member of Rocket Punch, what would you have been doing?

Yeonhee: I think I would have been in a field where I could meet a lot of people and at the same time receive and give a lot of love [laughs]. 

Juri: I think I’d be a music show staff, or be working in a field related to music. 

Suyun: I think I’d be studying hard as a university student.

Yunkyoung: I like kids, so I think I’d be working as a kindergarten teacher, or in a field related to working with kids. 

Sohee: I think I’d be working in a job that makes artists shine.

Dahyun: I can’t imagine something else since it’s always been my childhood dream to be a celebrity. However, my parents have also recommended being an announcer [newscaster] before. I think maybe an announcer or an actor, something related to broadcasting.

After a long wait owing to COVID-19, Rocket Punch would have met their fans in an in-person setup by the time this interview is out. How excited or nervous are the members?

Juri: It’s our second fan meeting! We plan to show you how much we’ve grown so far. I think we’re more happy than nervous. 

Sohee: It’s been a while since we’ve directly shown our performances to our fans, so I’m already super excited, and not nervous. I want to meet our fans much sooner.

Can you all share any one unknown fact about yourselves to help the fans get to know you better?

Yeonhee: I’ve recently become addicted to air-frying sweet potatoes [laughs]. 

Juri: Honestly, I can’t eat spicy food anymore. 

Suyun: Honestly, I’m more into meat now than bread. I think Yunkyoung likes bread now more than I do. 

Yunkyoung: I can’t have caffeine because my body doesn’t like it, but I’ve moved to decaf coffee. I also really love desserts!

Sohee: Whenever I get filmed as the “ending fairy,” I’m happy but I also get shy at the same time!

Dahyun: I look shy, but I enjoy getting some attention. I‘m also the type to approach people I meet for the first time, to get close with them.

Rocket Punch. Photo: Courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

What is Rocket Punch currently working on? Anything you can share with us?

Yeonhee: Something new, that’s it!

Yunkyoung: We’re having our two-day fan-meeting called ‘Punch Time 2’ on the 2nd and 3rd of this month. It’s been a while since we’ve met our fans, so we’re preparing hard so that everyone can have a great time, given how long they’ve waited for us.

Finally, can we have a message for all of your Indian fans?

Juri: To our Indian Ketchy, thank you as always. I really wish we could see each other sooner, and we’re working hard so we can send our energies to you. We love you so much!

Suyun: Hello, we’re Rocket Punch. We’ve come back with our title song “CHIQUITA.” Thanks to our Ketchy’s love, we’re able to work hard on our promotions. Thank you to our Indian Ketchy for sending us love even from far away. Let’s be together until the day we finally are able to meet [smiles].

Check out Rocket Punch’s special message for their Indian fans:

Watch “CHIQUITA” by Rocket Punch below.

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